Gather your troops because THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS HAS BEGUN! WE WILL BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF OUR ENEMIES! NO HOLIDAY TREE OR WELL-MEANING XMAS CARD WILL BE SHOWN MERCY! Good luck out there. (To be honest, the only appropriate response to Christian paranoia SHOULD be, “Ugh. Seriously? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, guys.” Give Read More →

I was in high school when the Twilight series was published. I didn’t hear about it until my sophomore year of college. One year later, the movie was released. Confession: I hate Twilight. I didn’t always, but I do now. Right before the movie trailer was released, I read all four books and found them promising. They Read More →

I’ve been debating whether or not to write this article, but I just can’t hold it in any longer. Here’s the thing: no matter your stance on health care, Obama, and taxation, the Hobby Lobby decision should scare the shit out of you. And I’m going to ask that you read through this whole thing Read More →

Earlier today I read an article written by a former lawyer (go figure…) that essentially said diet food companies are either incompetent or evil. The reason? Because they expect their dieters to become return customers through weight regain. Well…duh. This article has shown up several times on my Twitter feed, retweeted by multiple people. Multiple Read More →

Remember the job I mentioned last week? Zach received an offer on Friday and accepted. So we’re moving to Georgia! In the three days since that happened, here’s what I’ve learned: Everyone who tries to help claims to be an expert on every part of the city. They use, “I’ve lived here my whole life” Read More →

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook a couple days ago and it was such a great story. April is National Dog Fighting Awareness Month through the ASPCA, so The Bark Post shared a story about Michael Vick’s dogs and where they are now. Warning: it might make you cry happy tears. Read the Read More →

I’ve been attempting to write multiple posts for today, but nothing has panned out. I’m really distracted. Zach applied for a medical writing job in Atlanta. It sounds like a really great opportunity and he’s very excited. The more thought he gives it, the more he thinks that this job was made for him. (I know Read More →

From now on, I would really like to do a segment every week called “Feel Good Friday.” It will feature a video (probably most often) or an article that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and, frankly, probably made me cry). You are all welcome to send me submissions! Send them through email, Twitter, Read More →